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Operation Holiday Card

Posted by roundandround2 on Sun, Nov. 2nd (2008) at 14:28

Operation Holiday Card is up and running again this year!  This is a wonderful program that distributes Christmas, Hanukkah, and holiday cards with short personal messages to troops deployed overseas during the holiday season.  This program was a huge success last year collecting over 16,000 cards.

            I am asking people to write a note to an unknown service member inside your card, seal it, and send it to the address below.  Cards can be for Christmas, Hanukkah (please write this on the back of your envelope), or general Season’s Greetings.  Your words of support mean so much to these men and women.  Remember each card you send is another service member touched.   

            This program works because individuals take this initiative to spread the word and collect cards with in their lives.  Please pass the word about this project to everyone you know.  Feel free to post it in your journals, other communities, promote it in your workplace, or your place of worship.  One woman from my church last year collected 200 cards in her workplace. How many cards can you collect?  Cards can be sent to:


Operation Holiday Card
226 Albany Ave  

Shreveport, LA 71105


            This year’s deadline will be Dec. 3, all cards must be received in Louisiana by that time.  The cards will need plenty of time to get overseas.  I thank you for your support of this wonderful project.  There is so much support for our troops as they spend the holidays away from their families.

            Please look at our new website http://sites.google.com/site/operationholidaycard/Home for more information.  If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at operationholidaycard@gmail.com


Thank you and God Bless you,

Operation Holiday Card


me & the man

Need Ya'lls help!

Posted by knicole1979 on Tue, Jan. 8th (2008) at 19:05
Current Location: Fremont, NC
Current Mood: determineddetermined
I have a friend that I've known since he was born. He's a marine and stationed here in NC not far from where I live. His wife is having MAJOR MAJOR dental problems. She's in so much pain she's not eating much of anything. She's currently down to 87.5 lbs, and we all know thats not healthy for anyone!! They are saying that she needs most of her top teeth pulled, there's a bad infection running though her entire mouth. She needs to have at LEAST 4 of her bottom teeth ground down and caps put on the others, plus some pulled. They are talking $65-110 per tooth to be CUT out. Plus the visit cost, the x-ray, the sedation, and all the other wonderful stuff. They are looking at $3600 dollars total, WITH the insurance. They are low ranking, the engine just blew on the car, the poor girl is miserable. She's shy the way it is, and now won't smile because of her teeth.
The pcm and hospital has tried sending a recommendation in 4 different times and each time Tricare United Concordia has sent it back turned down. They need help. For those wonderful ladies here...I'm not asking for money or anything like that...just your advice. WHO do we go to that can help her get these things taken care of. They could do one tooth at a time, but with the damage thats been done, and the infection she has, its going to be harder to get everything fixed.
Who do we call? Who do we talk to?
His supervisors and what not have all told him the same thing....find the money, or go one by one.
If ya'll have any advice, or experience with this, it would be greatly appreciated!
Its affecting her quality of life. she's getting depressed. They have one son who just turned a year old. Please have some answers!! I'm out of ideas!
x-posted like mad


Operation Holiday Card Complete!!!!

Posted by roundandround2 on Fri, Dec. 14th (2007) at 15:36

Dear Friends,

Operation Holiday cards was an amazing success this year. Last year we collected 1,500 cards and set a goal of 2,000 cards for this year. This year we collected over 16,000 cards! We were drowning in cards, but it was wonderful! The cards were sent to Balad Air Base in Baghdad on Monday and Tuesday. It took 16 boxes. Thank you for helping to make Operation Holiday Card such a huge success.





Operation Holiday Card Update

Posted by roundandround2 on Tue, Nov. 20th (2007) at 12:31

Dear Friends,


Operation Holiday Card is well under way.  With two weeks left in the collection I have collected 586 cards.  This number may seem small but I know of many people who are planning on sending in cards in the next two weeks.  Holiday cards have been coming in from all over the country; from schools, workplaces, scout troops, and individuals.  What a wonderful “Thank You” to the troops overseas.


As I celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, I am thankful that my family is together this year.  There are so many families separated by deployments this time of year.  What a better way to say Thank You than to sign a box of Holiday cards as a family after your meal.  Could your family sign a box of cards?  Multiple cards can be sent together in a larger envelope to save postage.  Please send your cards to:


Operation Holiday Card
6658 Youree Dr   Suite 180

Shreveport, LA


Please remember the cards must be RECEIVED in Louisiana by Dec. 5, so they can make it to Baghdad in time for Christmas.


Thank you for your support of the troops!


Operation Holiday Card

Posted by roundandround2 on Thu, Nov. 1st (2007) at 09:10

Dear Friends,


            Believe it or not the Holiday season is upon us.  With Halloween over the stores are filled with Christmas decorations.  Last year with my husband deployed in Kuwait I started Operation Holiday Card to collect Christmas, Hanukkah, and holiday cards for troops overseas during this season.  It was huge success last year.  I started the project with a goal of collecting 200 cards to send to one base in Kuwait.  The response was amazing.  When the collection was over I had over 1500 cards sent to Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait and Balad Air Base in Baghdad, Iraq.  The cards were passed out to the troops at dinner on Christmas Day.  As each person signed in at the mess hall they were handed a Holiday card.  The cards were read, passed around the tables among friends, and many were eventually hung on the wall for all to see.

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Hey mamas!

Posted by kungpaokitten on Sun, May. 13th (2007) at 09:44

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Fort Bragg

Posted by rebeccasmom on Sun, May. 6th (2007) at 12:19
Current Mood: boredbored
Can anyone recommend a good breastfeeding friendly pediatrician in the Fort Bragg/Fayetteville area? Also are there any mothers groups or activities I should look into? TIA!

Army Duty Station

Posted by rebeccasmom on Tue, Apr. 3rd (2007) at 20:48
Does anyone have experience with finding out the duty station through AKO email? My husband's DS said it is on there but I can't find it.

Movies - Revolutionary Road


Posted by pittydirl on Sun, Mar. 18th (2007) at 22:01
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: Roseanne, Season 2
Hello! Just joined. I'm B.J. and I'm an Army wife of about 5 years. My husband, Ryan and I got married October 25, 2002 and we had our little girl, Hannah Jo, April 24, 2005. We've lived at Fort Campbell KY, Fort Stewart GA, and now we're at Fort Riley KS. We've only lived here for a couple months. Ryan has been deployed twice and so far there's no deployment in the near near future but you can never tell! I'm lucky in that I'm able to stay home w/ our little girl, but when we lived at Fort Campbell I had a little part-time job b/c my parents live in that area so I had free babysitters! It's a little frustrating b/c I really enjoyed working again. Oh, well. Enough babbling! :)


More PCS questions.

Posted by simplydorei on Mon, Feb. 26th (2007) at 13:09
We've just gotten notification that we are being reassigned from Eielson AFB (AK) to McGuire AFB (NJ) as a result of an EFMP request. Hooray!

Of course, now the questions are starting to come up...especially as this will be my first military move. We are trying to decide on moving everything through TMO or doing a partial DITY...i'm just not sure about driving out of Alaska, although i'd like the chance to take the marine highway back down to WA.

Anyhow, i'd love any recommendations or tips that those of you with more experience in this area have. What would make things easier?


Family is a gift

Cross Country Moves + Toddlers

Posted by jenni_goes_grrr on Sun, Feb. 4th (2007) at 11:36
So my husband got orders to San Diego.  My daughter and I are in Jacksonville, FL while he's on unacompanied orders in Bahrain until September.  My 2.5 year old will have lived in 3 different states within a matter of 3full years.  I'm a wee bit panicked, because she'll be starting school about the time we get there, but since we get there right after the school year starts, she'll be behind.  Ughh I barely just got here and I'm already preparing to move.  I love my job, I got accepted into both Universities, and now, i have to start all over again! YAY GO NAVY

Military discounts

Posted by rebeccasmom on Wed, Jan. 31st (2007) at 17:19
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
This is probably old news to you all but I just found out I can go to Busch Gardens for 1 day for free because my husband is active duty. Also, my birth doula gave me a 50% discount of $175 because he will be deployed when the baby comes. Also, the cord blood banking is discounted to $550 for military families. I hope this helps someone like it helped me.

Theme park tickets:

Cord blood info and doula:


Posted by rue_des_reves on Mon, Jan. 15th (2007) at 10:45
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Hello, hello! I am a new member and wish to introduce myself.

I am Jai and I am married to me dear hubby "Demon."
Branch: Air Force
PCSing in: Nebraska-Offutt AFB
Originally from: the fab state of TEXAS!

We are somewhat new to the whole military life (since 2002) -we are "old" newcomers-not the typical 18 or early 20-somethings. This is only our second PSC, our first being Aviano, Italy. (with several TDYs in between) I taught Kuk Sool Won (a Korean martial art) as an assistant instructor at our humble little school on the Aviano base.

We've been married for many years, and we just had our first child in winter 2005.

A difficulty for me is finding common interests with other spouses. Perhaps that is why I am described by most as a nontypical military spouse-ha! Whatever that means! I do not think I had to have a prescribed set of activities and hobbies to be an AF wife-just friendliness and open for new experiences!

Nice to meet you all! *sparkle sparkle*

Bruins - shadow

Tote bag!

Posted by newreflections on Wed, Jan. 3rd (2007) at 13:47
Hey mamas-
My (ex) boyfriend is in the army, and he happens to be the father of my kid.. hence my membership here.. Well anyway, we are no longer together.
I have a cafepress tote bag that says "I love my Soldier" on it.
I far from love a soldier and I want it out of my house. :)
Anyone want to buy it off me? Ill take whatever for it, I just want it gone.
Ill post pictures of it if anyone is interested.
Its pretty cute, but I dont need it hanging around as a reminder of him.

In better news, my good friend that is in Iraq should be home in about a month. Im very excited :)
Hope everyone had a great holiday, and that any deployed soldiers get home safe & soon.


Yes, i'm exceptional!

Posted by simplydorei on Fri, Dec. 22nd (2006) at 23:22
Current Location: Eielson AFB
Current Mood: curiouscurious
So, i'm wondering if anyone here has knowledge or experience of the AF's 'Exceptional Family Member Program' (EFMP) or anything similar in other branches.

Basically, they've diagnosed me with a probable auto-immune disease that needs treatment overseen by a specialist on a monthly basis...and since the interior of Alaska is literally in the middle of nowhere, there's only one such military specialist in the state (and no local civie's). Unfortunately, he's hundreds of miles away.

Our primary care doc & the specialist are both recommending me for the EFMP, but they can't really tell me much about the process from a 'what will probably happen' standpoint. My biggest questions are 1) how long does the process typically take and 2) how likely is it that they will actually give us any input on where they relocate us to? Not that i'd hold my breath waiting for them to do that! :D

And i'm pretty sure that it's silly of me to worry about this...but needing a relocate because of me shouldn't impact his career...right? It gets alls sorts of convoluted because he's still on profile and waiting for knee reconstruction (line of injury) that also has to be done in the lower 48. So, i just worry that someone higher up is gonna say 'forget this!' and find a way to separate him.

Posted by elfdream on Fri, Dec. 22nd (2006) at 14:34
My son Jon is home safe from his short term Deployment from parts unknown...or I should say he's safely back at his home base in Nebraska. He'll be home for Christmas. :)

Pinup - Packing

90 Days Stabilization? HAH!

Posted by nilo on Fri, Dec. 15th (2006) at 21:37
Current Mood: irritatedirritated
Tags: , ,
GAH!!!! My sweet husband came home last week after 16 months in Iraq. After a deployment, people are supposed to have 90-days home - no PCS or TDY during that time (unless the soldier opts for it).

We just found out he (and a bunch of others) are being sent to Fort Lewis for 3+ weeks in mid-January. This will mean he's only home for about 5 weeks before being sent off again. Granted, 3+ weeks is not long - especially when compared to 16 months. But I'm a bit peeved.

Then, when he does get home in mid-February, he has to pack up because we are PCSing to Mississippi in March. But I'm staying behind for a few months so that my 12-year-old can finish her 6th grade year here. Which I won't complain about because it is our choice. But I AM upset that our already limited time together is being further curtailed - illegally so!

Sent from my mom:

Posted by 1in8 on Mon, Dec. 11th (2006) at 10:18
(If you are American and not Canadian you can change it around to say "red white and blue American flag"...the sentiment is the same and I'm pretty sure that this poem was converted from an American one)


>Different Christmas Poem
Read more...Collapse )

Dream Bases

Posted by rebeccasmom on Wed, Dec. 6th (2006) at 18:29
My husband is in the process of working up his dream list if bases. How likely are any of the 3 to be picked? Also, Where do you ladies recommened as a first post? HUbby wants an overseas base but with soon to be 2 kids under 16 months I am nervous to be that far. Also, how does the internet and phones work? Is it ridiculously expensive to keep in touch?

Pinup - Packing

He's HOME!!!

Posted by nilo on Wed, Dec. 6th (2006) at 10:33
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
He was gone a total of 16 months - 12 in Mosul and 4 in Baghdad. He's in great shape and in very good spirits. His was the last flight in. I've met most of the other flights over the last week - and it's been wonderful to see our troops returning; but it has been hard to greet all of them and not have mine to hug. So last night was particularly sweet.

Charles was home for his two-week leave with me when our daughter, Charlie, was born last year. He returned to Iraq when she was 3 days old. She turns 1 next week. We were all concerned about how she would respond to him. She was initially very watchful toward him but, as soon as we were home, she was playing with him and letting him hold her.

Pinup - Packing

Welcome Home Banners

Posted by nilo on Fri, Dec. 1st (2006) at 10:51
Current Mood: artisticartistic
My 12-year-old daughter, Emmy, and I have worked so hard on these the last few nights.

Banners be this way...Collapse )

Pinup - Packing

It's Finally Happening!!!

Posted by nilo on Thu, Nov. 30th (2006) at 22:42
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
After a 12-month deployment AND a last-minute 4-month extension, the 172nd SBCT is finally starting to return!!!

Since my husband is in charge of Aviation and Air Defense for the brigade, naturally he's on the last flight!!!!

But the flights ARE coming in! We've met a few and I cry each time.

My older daughter, Emily, and I got our banners painted and nailed to our fence tonight.

And on Tuesday night, he's going to be home - which I feel I can say since they're announcing it on the news!

*Stockings for Troops*

Posted by nennerfree on Sat, Nov. 25th (2006) at 04:23
Hello everyone,
My cousin, Cpl. Kelly Williams, just got back from Iraq with the Marines, but her husband and a bunch of close friends are still out there. For Christmas, my cousin Emily and I are making stockings for the 22 members of her platoon.
Here are some of the things we plan to include:
* Cookies
* Candy
* Hand-painted miniature picture frames
* Books and puzzles (Sudoku, Mad Libs, joke books, word searches, etc)
* Stationery and supplies to write home
* Individualized letters from 3rd graders
* Sanitary products
* And a bunch of other miscellaneous toys and games to help pass the time
* Holiday movies, such as The Santa Clause, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Story, etc.

However, it has taken much more money than we anticipated and my funds are just about out. I really don't want to abandon the idea, so I am hoping that anyone who reads this may have a few extra dollars. It doesn't have to be much, but anything, even $1, would help!

If you can't, I completely understand. But if you can spare a little extra let me know!
You can e-mail me at nennerfree@aol.com with any questions.
I also have a Paypal account set up if you would prefer to do it that way. I think all you need is my e-mail address, which again, is nennerfree@aol.com

Thank you in advance to any who can help!

Jenna Porter

Hubby joined the Army today!

Posted by rebeccasmom on Wed, Nov. 15th (2006) at 19:23
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Kris finally did it. After 3 years of talking about it. He leaves January 3rd and will go to Fort Leonard Wood, MO. He will likely miss the baby born though...

Midnight Espresso

He's HERE!

Posted by katiedarling on Mon, Nov. 13th (2006) at 09:42
James Shannon ("Jack") [lastname] was born on 11/8 at 1707 (Central Time).

Thirty hours of labor. Two hours of pushing. I'd do it all again.

pictures :)Collapse )


New member!

Posted by simplydorei on Sat, Nov. 11th (2006) at 13:15
Current Location: North Pole, AK
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Hey everyone...ran across this forum today and thought it looked like a good place to be!

Name: Kelly
Spouse: TC
Branch: Air Force (CES)
Currently: Eielson AFB, AK
Previous: Beale AFB, CA (him, not me!)

Living in AK is a new adventure, and being an AF wife is as well! We've been married since Valentine's Day, and i'm quickly becoming acclimated to the various going-ons...though i sometimes feel that i'm just as clueless as i was to begin with.

We don't have any children as of yet, but we are actively trying to conceive...i've had an unexpected illness that has kind of gotten in the way, and my hubby was pulled from his deployment due to a massive injury (yes, we are still waiting for surgery...after 6 months!)...but we are sticking to the plan and hoping things will turn out well.

The hardest part, it seems, is actually getting to know people that i have a lot in common with! At my age (31) almost everyone has children, and most have been military spouses for quite some time. Then there's me, with no kids, a relatively new military spouse, and a grad school student. And it seems like most of the newcomer activities and such are geered towards younger families (though our Heartlink program was fantastic!). Of course i've met a lot of friendly and fabulous women through my spouses group and volunteer work...just not many who i feel especially close to since the group is usually all there is in common!

So, i'm looking forward to participating in this forum...and suspect that i'll have plenty of time to do so with the long Alaskan winters ahead!


AIT school

Posted by rebeccasmom on Fri, Nov. 10th (2006) at 22:17
Will the Army pay for myself and my children to move from FL to CA while my husband is in AIT school. He will be there for at least a year! Thanks in advance ladies!

Posted by bennygogo on Fri, Nov. 3rd (2006) at 23:36
Name:  Georgia
Branch: U.S. Army
Duty Station:  Fort Carson, CO
Deployed?  Yes for the last year, due to return in 7 days.
Relationship info:  I'm married to a soldier, and the daughter of a solder as well...We've been married for 6 years, we are parents to three boys: Benjamin (5), Andrew (3), and Halden (17 months). This deployment is the second, and we are currently waiting to find out if he got picked up for Drill, and if not-where we might be going in the meantime. Hopefully Germany. Heh. 

Thanks for letting me join, I like finding other military wives to talk to about experiences unlike most in the civilian world.

Posted by elfdream on Tue, Oct. 3rd (2006) at 18:43
I just found out my son Jon will be going on overseas deployment Monday. Its only two months. I know where but can't say. He says its 'no big deal' but of course that IS what he would say.

It IS a little different when its your child. Not worse...just...different.

I Love Always
Posted by jenni_goes_grrr on Thu, Sep. 28th (2006) at 09:27

I was looking for a cheaper deployment bracelet on etsy.com *i really really really want one, but dont wan tot spend $40 - anyone know where i can get one? - and came across this! I love it.. they are $21 shipped.  Just figured I'd pass it along for anyone who might be looking for something similiar.


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